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Podcast Clip: The Power of Your Attention

Have your attention on your relationship with the Divine and the Divine’s relationship with you. When you have your attention oriented to the supreme level of reality, that is what grows within you.


with Matthew Reifslager


What you put your attention on is one of the most important things you can monitor. Whatever you put your attention on grows in power and prominence within you.

There is a danger in putting significant attention on the stories that humanity tells itself (i.e. the news, social media, and other technologies that amplify the smallness and ignorance in the world).

When you are intentional about where your attention goes, it easier to find the subtle values of peace and divinity within. Have your attention on the deeper things that deserve authority within you and your life.


Matthew offers a spiritual and multidimensional perspective on the most important topics of our time. He explores big challenges, that range from global predicaments to personal suffering, and he explores potential solutions.

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